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Women's Pacer 3/4 Crew Compression Socks Sockwell Women's Pacer 3/4 Crew Compression Socks

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Price: $20.99
Women's Pacer Micro Compression Socks Sockwell Women's Pacer Micro Compression Socks

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Price: $17.99

Women's Pacer Quarter Compression Socks Sockwell Women's Pacer Quarter Compression Socks

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Price: $18.99

Sockwell Women's Revolution Bunion Relief Socks

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Price: $26.99

Sockwell Women's Sport Ease Bunion Relief Socks

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Price: $19.99


Women's Sockwell Compression Socks

Today's woman is always on the go, and your feet are responsible for getting you everywhere you need to be. Whether you work hard, play hard or both, you've got to take care of those feet so you can keep on keeping on. Sockwell Compression Socks make it uber-easy to keep your feet feeling and looking great while you do what you need to do to be you. Read on to see why active women love Sockwell socks!

Compression and Style-What?!

You might think compression socks are those ugly, old, rubber hosiery made for mature wearers, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anything like that at Sockwell. Sockwell Compression Socks are colorful, stylish and scientifically backed to help your feet and legs feel fantastic and look great.
So what makes a sock a compression sock? Compression socks are designed with a careful blend of fibers that gently apply pressure to the foot and leg. This pressure helps the oxygen-rich blood flow down to the foot, and the de-oxygenated blood move back to the heart so that the blood doesn't pool in your lower extremities. Sockwell socks feature a graduated compression that's highest in the foot and decreases up the ankle and leg to help promote healthy blood flow, even when you stand or sit for extended periods of time.
Compression is measured in "millimeters of mercury," (mmHg) a scientific measurement indicating blood pressure. It indicates how high the pressure in the blood vessel would move mercury up a column. We offer socks in two levels of compression to meet your needs. Our moderate compression offers 15-20 mmHg, and our firm compression socks offer 20-30 mmHg.

How Do They Do It?

When you wear Sockwell compression socks, you get all the benefits of compression in a great looking sock. That's because we use a special blend of the best fibers in the USA. We use a blend of cashmerino wool, alpaca wool, and bamboo rayon to provide natural thermoregulation and moisture management while maintaining a soft feel. The use of spandex woven into the fibers provides stretch and strength to aid in the compression factor. Our Accu-Fit Technology ensures that your socks will fit the contours of your feet and feel just as great at the end of the day as they did at the start. Other benefits of compression socks include:
  • Promoting circulation by keeping the blood from pooling.
  • Minimizing swelling by creating a gentle and graduated pressure.
  • Reducing fatigue by keeping muscles stabilized.
You'd never know by looking at Sockwell socks that they're compression socks, though. Argyle, stripes, polka dots, block styles, and arrows are just some of the fashion-forward patterns and looks you find at Sockwell. We've got a style for every mood. Colors? We've got 'em! From bright azalea, poppy, and Concord grape, to more subtle brick, charcoal, and espresso, there's a color that will go with any outfit. Just look at how great the Women's Damask goes with the comfortable Alegria Loafers or Boots. Or you can peek through with polka dots with Sockwell's On the Spot socks.

Running with the Best of Them

We don't just run with the best sheep and alpacas for our fit and style, though. We cross the finish line with women runners all across America. According to Running USA, a leader in running research and statistics, over 9.7 million women finished a running event in 2015. And that's not including the hundreds of thousands of women who run, jog and walk just for pleasure or exercise every day. But you don't have to run the 35.5 miles a week that the average competitor runs to feel the benefits and the pain of running.
While you run, or anytime you work out on your feet like hiking or playing sports, compression socks help the blood flow so you can get the most out of your workout while lowering your risk of injury. Runners often feel soreness in the heel, ankle, shins, and knees after a run, but wearing compression socks can help speed recovery, so you don't have to hurt. Faster recovery times can also help you avoid common running injuries, such as:
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shin Splints
For up-to-the-knee coverage, check out our Women's Incline Knee-High Graduated Compression Socks with 15-20 mmHg of compression. The moderate compression in these stylish socks will make you want to run just to show off the fun colors and pattern. Five color choices give you an option to complement any of your running clothes. We also offer a quarter-length Women's Incline for those who like a shorter sock. If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, check out our specialty Plantar Relief compression socks with extra padding right where you need it.
Whether you're running to the finish line at a race or at work, Sockwell compression socks are there to give you the support you need. With lengths from micro to knee-high, two levels of compression and a variety of patterns to fit your style, we've got your feet covered. Kick back knowing that Sockwell is your go-to sock for being on the go!