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At SockwellSocks.com we are your “One Stop Sock Shop”! We are proud to be the only authorized dealer of every single Sockwell Sock style, design, and color. No more shopping around limited inventories on other sites or sifting through displays at retail stores for exactly what you want. It’s all right here!
At this time, we only offer phone and email customer service support in English. If you have any questions about your order, or would like to phone in your order, then please call us at 888-775-5655.

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About Sockwell Socks

Sockwell Socks has One Purpose: To craft the world’s best socks. With no compromises. Made from start to finish right here in the United States, their socks are meant to make an impression on you as well as family farms, designers, manufacturers, and economies. Sockwell Socks' HomeGrown Wool Initiative supports American sheep farmers and the market for wool sheared from free-grazing Rambouillet merino sheep. Designing, dyeing, and developing the socks takes place anywhere between the Rockies of Colorado and the South Carolina coastline. They are dedicated to making a difference in the lives and communities of every person these socks touch along their way to you, the consumer!

At SockwellSocks.com, we are proud to offer you every style and color of sock produced by Sockwell Socks. Both Moderate and Firm Graduated Compression socks, stabilizer socks, lamb’s wool and alpaca blend socks, bunion relief socks, plantar relief socks, metatarsal relief socks, relaxed fit socks, diabetic socks, and even compression sleeves in options for men and women can be found on our site in a vast array of colors and patterns. We are your official one stop Sockwell Sock shop!

Get to know each line a little more:

Graduated Compression Socks

Graduated Compression socks are built to push blood up the leg and promote circulation. Why should you care? These socks keep blood from pooling below the ankle and therefore prevent swelling. They minimize varicose veins by improving circulation, and the graduated pressure reduces fatigue. With two levels of compression- moderate and firm- you have the option to choose what works best for your needs. Moderate compression is recommended for all day wear and firm is recommended for specific times when extra circulation support is required. Finally, they come in cool colors and patterns like Concorde Chevron and Teal Twister.

Incline Series

Incline Series socks are made to energize your step, help you recover quickly, reduce fatigue, reduce soreness, and minimize swelling. Made to up your training game these socks feature a reinforced heel and toe box to make sure they withstand your toughest days at the gym. Mesh breather panels and flex zones give you room to breathe and stretch as you approach your next PR (personal record).

Ascend Series

Created for big trail days and day hikes alike the Ascend Series will keep you comfortable and supported no matter the mileage. A lambswool and alpaca blend keeps you fresh and dry while the spandex woven throughout provides moderate compression. A medium cushion sole and an ankle wrap cushion to protect against your boot collar ensure that blisters won’t be the first thing on your mind when you set up base camp.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Series

One of Sockwell’s therapeutic solutions, the Plantar Fasciitis Relief Series, is made to soothe and comfort your feet while providing firm support of the plantar facia and Achilles tendon. They’re recommended for long distance runners, prolonged standing, pregnant women, those with high arches or flat feet, and very active people. The firm compression in the sock increases circulation, minimizes swelling, and reduces fatigue.

Bunion Relief Series

Soothe your aching bunions by relieving pressure in the shoe and encouraging natural alignment with the Bunion Relief Series. The cushioned toe pocket protects toes against abrasion and eases discomfort caused by overlapping. Anatomical padding minimizes friction and bunion pain in the shoe, and an ultra-smooth toe closure ensures you won’t feel any stitching or seams. These are recommended for all day wear, prolonged standing and sitting, travel, and exercise and recovery.

Metatarsal Relief Series

A weight dispersing metatarsal pad, ultra-smooth toe closure, and comfort sole make the Metatarsal Relief Series an excellent choice for anyone who needs to distribute weight under the ball of the foot. Recommended for all day wear, prolonged standing and sitting, travel, and exercise and recovery--these socks are a stylish solution for nearly everyone.

The Relaxed Fit/Diabetic Series

A seamless non-binding comfortable fit is intended to protect and pamper your sensitive feet. A protective pressure dispersion cushion disperses pressure without adding bulk and tightness in the shoe. The relaxed fit leg has just the right amount of recovery to avoid bunching and shearing while also having just the right amount of relaxation.