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Sockwell Compression Socks

Are you looking for the most unique compression socks on the market? Welcome home! As the only authorized dealer to carry every style and color in the Sockwell Socks collection. See why these socks fit life itself.

What Makes Sockwell Special?

At Sockwell, they take the time to put all-around wellness into every stitch. They do this with:
  • Well-chosen fibers from homegrown American wool sourced from farms that truly care about the health of the animals they raise. Cashmerino and fine alpaca fibers provide natural thermoregulation without additives. Other fibers like bamboo rayon are chosen for durability from a renewable resource to support customers and the environment.
  • Well-constructed design in graduated compression and relaxed fit & diabetic friendly options, which can give you options for your level of compression while minimizing swelling, promoting circulation and reducing fatigue.
  • Well-considered practices support local economies using state-of-the-art manufacturing right here in the USA. Sockwell uses responsible sourcing practices and participates in the HomeGrown Wool Initiative, all designed to support American shepherds and free-grazing animals for a positive impact on the environment, animal health and local communities.

Why Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks can provide a plethora of benefits for professionals who work long hours on their feet, such as teachers, retail employees, those in the health care fields, hospitality workers and salon personnel. Compression:
  • Helps improve blood flow.
  • Helps reduce fluid from pooling in the legs and feet.
  • May assist in the prevention of blood clot formation in deep leg veins.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of issues, like varicose veins, in people who stand or sit for long periods.
Anyone who sits or stands for long periods, and even outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, are at risk for leg swelling, back pain and overall fatigue. Wearing compression socks can help you stay on your feet and carry on with the activities you love, all by supporting your legs from the sole up.

Sockwell Gives You the Support You Need

Carefully chosen combinations of Merino wool, bamboo rayon, stretch nylon and spandex make Sockwell socks soft and comfortable while providing the support your legs and feet need. Ultra-light cushion soles support the weight of your whole body and help keep you light on your feet. Sockwell offers a variety of lengths, including micro, crew, quarter, over-the-calf and knee-high socks, as well as sleeves for those who only want leg support. Sockwell compression socks feature:
  • Spandex woven throughout the sock for a comfortable but supportive stretch
  • Graduated compression throughout the sock for the level of support you need
  • Turn welt tops to keep them from falling down or rolling
  • Arch support to cradle the foot and support full-body movement for people on the go
  • Seamless toe closure so you won't be distracted by thick, moving seams

Graduated Compression

Sockwell's graduated compression socks come in two levels of comfortable support: 15-20 mmHg for moderate support and a firm 20-30 mmHg for added compression support. Both are recommended for anyone who:
  • Works or plays for prolonged periods of time while sitting or standing
  • Travels, especially for long flights or rides
  • Wants to combat minor to moderate swelling in feet and ankles
  • Suffers from varicose veins or plantar fasciitis

Relaxed Fit & Diabetic Friendly

Sockwell's Relaxed Fit & Diabetic Friendly compression socks offer all the benefits of the graduated compression styles, and they have a non-binding true rib top and a protective pressure-dispersing cushion. This relaxed fit is easier to slip onto the foot and provides excellent thermoregulation and moisture management.

Sockwell Socks Are Stylish, Too

Unlike with other compression sock brands, you don't have to settle for boring black or white socks when you choose Sockwell. Starting with a base of classic colors like natural, light gray, denim, and espresso, we weave bright pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and more to add a palette of vibrancy and patterns throughout Sockwell's socks and sleeves. Block, stripes, geometric and polka dot are just some of the designs you'll find in Sockwell compression sock collections.

Women's Collection

Sockwell Women's collection offers sizes made to fit the contours of female feet. You'll enjoy wearing these socks all day at work or while working out or just relaxing. Great looks, like the Sport Ease quarter sock, have a stylish stripe pattern you'll want to show off. Available in black, natural and light gray, these socks go great with Alegria Mary Janes or Classic Clogs.
For more coverage, there are crew and knee high choices like the Argyle. These classic argyle colors offer the compression construction you need to stay on your feet. Fashionable options like charcoal, espresso, denim and black give you a look you want and the support you need. Plus, they're accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Society as recommended compression wear.

Men's Collection

Whether you're an athlete or a professional trying to maintain a competitive edge, rest assured Sockwell can also give you the advantage you need. Quarter, crew and knee-high lengths will provide you with stylish support. Bold stripes of color like those in the Synergy style are ideal for work or play; six colors to choose from give you options throughout the week and the seasons.

For a longer look, try the over-the-calf Incline. With 15-20 mmHg compression for moderate support, this American Podiatric Medical Association accepted compression sock is a great complement to your outdoor fun and your work week. Pair them with a great pair of comfortable shoes like Alegria's Men's Loafers for all-day support.

Whether at work or play, wear Sockwell Compression Socks if you want to wear your socks well. They don't just support you; they support the place we stand and live in.