First Class Travel Tips

Sticky tray tables, the smell of musty carpet, surround sound sneezing and/or coughing, and empty promises of reliable wifi…

Flying isn’t what it used to be but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be miserable every time you take to the skies. We compiled the top three travel tips to make any trip- whether a puddle jumper or a red eye- more delightful and less dreadful.

First Class Travel Tips from

1. Arrive early and if you’re a frequent flyer just go ahead and apply for TSA Pre-Check for crying out loud. Per TSA you need to arrive two hours prior to flight departure for a domestic flight and three hours prior to flight departure for an international flight. While we all lead busy, action packed lives and tend to think “Gosh, do I really want to sit at my terminal for an hour after making it through security?” this rule of thumb still stands. Best case scenario you have time to take in the glorious selection of baubles at the locale-centric giftshops. Worst case scenario you’ve given yourself an extra hour for any traffic or long lines you may end up encountering on your way to or at the airport. About this TSA Pre-Check? While you aren’t always guaranteed expedited entry at airports it is an option that goes a long way when you are a regular. Find an enrollment center near you and shell out the extra cash for the convenience.

2. Hydrate, take your vitamin C, and pack your own snacks. We know this makes you sound super responsible and grown up but bear with us- you will feel so much better before, during, and after the flight. It’s a known fact that flying dehydrates you and knowledge is power. Counteract feeling like a shriveled up piece of person jerky by checking out these hydration tips. In preparation for the day you leave drink plenty of water and go ahead and take an immune boosting supplement. Dry cabin air combines with close quarters turning the plane into a flying petri dish. Check out Airborne, the supplement invented by a teacher, to combat the sniffles and snot. Finally, be sure you eat well. Cinnabon may be the most tantalizing treat to ever greet your five senses outside Gate F17 but you and your wallet will inevitably regret the decision to give in to temptation. The alternatives at airport markets are getting better, fresh fruit and trail mix being fan favorites, but you’re going to pay premium prices for a limited selection of something you could easily pack in your carry on.

3. Wear comfortable clothing and exercise. While we all dream of gliding through an airport wearing oversized Dior sunglasses and our fav Louboutin stilettos it’s actually in our best interest to dress down as much as possible when flying. Freshly washed, natural, breathable layers are recommended to keep you from experiencing discomfort or complications such as Deep Vein Thrombosis. Another way to decrease your risk of experiencing DVT is something we can help with- compression socks! Check out our page on the power of compression to learn more about how our socks improve circulation. Another suggestion we have for your pre-flight agenda? Exercise. While we don’t recommend you break out into full sprints at your gate there are ways to get your heart rate up and going before boarding.