Questions? Answers.


  1. What makes Sockwell Socks so unique?

    Well-chosen fibers, well-constructed design, and well-considered practices set Sockwell apart from competitors. Shop knowing that you are making an informed purchase every time you shop with

  2. What is Cashmerino Wool?

    Cashmerino is the signature fiber that makes Sockwell Socks so fantastic. They blend Merino wool from Rambouillet sheep with Rayon made from Bamboo to give you the best technical compression sock on the market. Cashmerino wool is naturally thermoregulating, moisture managing, and odor repelling.

  3. Okay, so what is thermoregulating?

    Thermoregulating means you’ll never feel too hot or too cold while wearing your socks. Athletes won’t have to worry about overheating, and backpackers won’t have to worry about their toes getting cold. It’s the magic of wool.

  4. And what is moisture-managing?

    Moisture-managing means the socks will absorb any sweat and evaporate it away from your feet. Wool is a hollow fiber that acts like straws. This absorbing action also explains why Cashmerino wool is odor repelling- without sweat sticking around stink-causing bacteria doesn’t have the chance to grow.

  5. What does “turn welt top” mean?

    A welt is the ribbed, reinforced, or decorative border of a garment. In our case the tops of Sockwell socks are “turn welt” because they are ribbed, reinforced, and made to fold down. Wear your socks tall and peeking out over the top of your boots or wear them folded down for a cuffed look. Either way, we’re sure you will look great.

  6. Are these socks made in the USA? Really?

    Made in the USA. Really! From start to finish these socks are made in the United States. Sockwell has a strong commitment to supporting the American economy. That means the designers, manufacturers, and even the sheep are a part of the mission to preserve domestic jobs and manage Sockwell’s carbon footprint.

  7. What kind of sheep does the wool come from?

    Rambouillet sheep. “Ram-boo-ley” sheep. This breed of sheep dates to the Fourteenth Century when France’s King Louis XVI was gifted a flock of Spain’s finest Merino sheep. Over time that flock would develop a body size and confirmation like mutton breeds while also maintaining the same excellent wool quality of the Spanish Merino. It would be the mid-1800s before the Rambouillet made its way to the United States. The rest is sock history.

  8. What is bamboo doing in my socks?

    Rayon from Bamboo is a renewable fiber that balances durability with sustainability. Bamboo can grow up to four feet in one day which means it is an excellent resource for manufacturers who choose to create Rayon from this plant. Soft, luxurious, and eco-friendly!

  9. What is “Accu-Fit Technology”?

    Sockwell Socks have spandex woven throughout the entire sock to make sure they fit no matter your foot shape or size. Better yet, they will fit just as well at the end of a long day as they did when you first put them on. No fuss over whether they’ll stretch out and slide down in the middle of your shift. Sockwell Socks are meant to stay up and keep up with whatever you throw their way.

  10. How do I wash my socks?

    Turn them inside out, machine wash warm, and then lay them out to dry. If you want to throw them in the dryer be sure to tumble dry them on low. Heat will degrade the spandex, and over time your Sockwell Socks won’t keep up with you as well as they used to. Don’t forget that wool is a naturally anti-microbial fiber. That means you don’t have to wash them as often as you would a cotton or synthetic sock because stink-causing bacteria doesn’t grow as fast on wool. Cool, right?

  11. What is moderate compression versus firm compression?

    Moderate compression is considered 15-20mmHg, and Firm compression is considered 20-30mmHG. “mmHg” is a unit of measurement that stands for millimeters of mercury often used in medicine and meteorology. In medicine, it is a measure of blood pressure, referring to the height to which the pressure in the blood vessels push a column of mercury. Science!

  12. Who should wear these socks?

    Anyone who ever sits, stands, travels, moves, recovers, or relaxes. In a word- everyone! We also recommend you consult with your medical care practitioner for concerns or questions about your health and compression socks. After all, we’re great sock sales people- not doctors. At least not yet.