Meet the Designer

Magic Behind the Socks

The sock in its earliest form was an animal skin wrapped around the foot and tied at the ankle. They were intended to keep feet warm and dry as well as reduce chafing from uncomfortable medieval shoes. Talk about function over fashion!

As time went on socks were made from silk or cotton for the upper classes and made of wool for the general population. Knitting schools opened in the 16th century making it easier to produce and buy socks.

In Yorkshire, you were more likely to get a coarser sock. For a better wool sock, you would want to go to the Midlands. True to these woolly roots, Sockwell is picky about the source of their wool as well. You can read more about the history of the Rambouillet Merino here.

Aside from being made of the best possible fiber, Sockwell Socks are beautiful in color and pattern. Mercedes Marchand, VP of Design at Sockwell Socks, is unmatched in her passion for designing socks to make you smile. See for yourself in this video tour of her process.

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