6 Reasons You Need Sockwell Compression Socks for Your Summer Sports

Extreme weather conditions and physical limitations are two of the top challenges you might face when working out, but summer sports bring a new meaning to both of those. Heat and humidity do more than just make you sweat. While a little bit of sweat is good for you, problems like losing electrolytes, heat exhaustion and dehydration can lead to bigger problems and more injuries if you’re not careful. See how wearing compression socks can help you avoid injury in the hotter months and help you feel better if you have existing conditions.

1. Compression Socks Help Sweat Evaporate

When you work out in any season you sweat, but the summer months just intensify the sweat because of the increased heat. When your feet sweat, you’re at risk for diseases like athlete’s foot; or other pre-existing conditions like diabetes can get exacerbated. If your feet aren’t healthy, your game suffers as well as your health. But the natural fibers in Sockwell compression socks wick away the sweat and keep it away by evaporating it. The wool in Sockwell socks uses your body’s heat and the heat from the environment to act like a straw and suck the moisture away so it doesn’t remain damp in your shoe. Without the sweat, you up your game and stay healthier, too!

2. Compression Socks Help Prevent Swelling

When you work out, it’s just natural to experience a little swelling. But when that swelling becomes too much or remains for longer periods of time it can inhibit your circulation and create problems. Compression socks work as hard as you do during athletic activity by encouraging blood flow and helping your circulatory system to perform at optimal levels. In Sockwell socks, the compression is the strongest at the ankle and decreases as it goes up the leg. This helps push the blood back to your heart so circulation can continue carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. The better the circulation, the less swelling and the better you perform and recover!

3. Compression Socks Help Keep You Cooler

When we say cooler, we don’t just mean you’ll be wearing the trendiest socks at the competition! In addition to creating better blood flow, your body stays cooler when it’s working properly and compression socks help with that. You can stay even cooler by choosing compression socks in a lighter color like the Sockwell Free Ski Grey Ultra Light Compression Socks or the Sockwell Incline Moderate Compression Socks in Rose. Lighter colors help reflect heat, so they do double duty by wicking away sweat to keep you cooler and reflecting external heat.

4. Compression Socks Help Prevent Injury

Ankle sprains and shin splints are two of the most common sports injuries along with knee problems. While good form and training techniques will help you avoid all kinds of sports injuries, you can decrease your chances of hurting yourself even more when you wear compression socks. Warming up is one of the most important strategies you can use to avoid injury because it increases blood flow and gets you ready for your workout or competition. Wearing compression socks improves your warm-up activities and helps keep the circulation going strong which helps prevent injury. Plus, you get added support to ankles and shins for a better workout each time which helps your body train better over the long run.

5. Compression Socks Help Reduce Pain from Existing Injuries and Conditions

Sometimes you need to work through an injury or an existing condition to reach your goals and continue to improve. Compression socks can help with that, too! Here are just a few of the conditions that compression socks can help with, whether the injury is sports-related or not.

Sockwell even has specialty socks to help you with some of the specific needs of these conditions. Bunion relief socks have a seamless toe closure and split toe to help ease bunion pain. Sockwell’s Plantar Fasciitis socks feature extra support for arches and the Achilles tendon. Metatarsal relief compression socks help with toe pain and provide extra support. And check out the entire line of Sockwell Diabetic Friendly socks to help out with all the challenges of working out and living with Diabetes.

6.Compression Socks Help You Travel Better

Summer time is prime time for lots of athletic competitions, like road races, trail races, duathlons and triathlons. For the serious athlete, or even if you’re just on the road to becoming more serious about competition, compression socks can help you feel better during travel to and from your competitions. Whether you drive or fly to competitions, you’re more likely to develop blood clots the longer you’re on the road or in the air. But with the added circulation support of compression socks, you can help yourself decrease the chances of blood clots while you travel. And, wearing compression socks on the way home after your competition will prevent pooling in the foot and ankle and help you recover faster. How’s that for traveling well?

No matter what sport you play, what your challenges are or how far you travel to compete, enjoy your game more with Sockwell compression socks! Check out the entire line of men’s and women’s compression socks for sports and for daily wear to have your best summer yet.