What People are Saying about Sockwell Socks

We can tell you what Sockwell Socks are great for: things like work, travel, running, hiking and biking. We can also tell you how Sockwell Socks help with health issues like diabetes, bunions, plantar fasciitis and metatarsal pain. We can even brag about how Sockwell offers moderate and firm levels of compression in all kinds of sock styles from low liners to knee-highs. But the best way for you to hear about all the advantages of wearing Sockwell Socks isn’t to hear it from us; it’s to hear it from the people who actually wear them! So here are some tidbits of the hundreds of reviews we get from our customers.

Sockwell Socks are the Best!

It’s not often that people wear a pair of socks and then swear off all other brands forever-unless it’s Sockwell socks that you’re wearing, that is! Not only do people wear Sockwell for their superior construction, comfortable fibers and fabulous compression, these socks make people feel much better from head to toe. Just take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say about Sockwell socks in general.

“ONLY socks I will buy for 12+ hours on my feet as a nurse! Awesome double for my hiking socks - light, comfortable, doesn't make your feet sweat.” -Moirea J.

“The best socks I have ever owned, period.” -Andy K.

“Best compression socks I’ve ever owned. Wish I would have known about them long before now.” -Shirley L.

“Love these socks. These socks provide a cushioned, supportive fit with just the right amount of compression.” -Nancy W.

“These socks cushion the foot and are very comfortable in warm and cool weather.” -Debra L.

“I stand on my feet 8 hours a day, and after I bought these, I’m not near as tired as I used to be. They are great.” -Timothy L.

“I have blood circulation problems; I like the look of these socks. So my legs feel better while wearing these socks and this color goes well with dark pants. Also I have had these same socks for about a year and I expect these new ones will last for many many wash cycles as have my first pair.” -Thomas H.

Sockwell Compression Socks: Better Than Prescription Compression Stockings

Doctors prescribe compression socks for many reasons, diabetes, circulation problems, deep vein thrombosis and pain relief to name just a few. And even though you don’t need a prescription to enjoy the benefits of compression socks, you might find yourself paying a pretty penny for some of the prescription compression stockings out there. But not so with Sockwell Socks! Our customers say it best when they talk about how much better Sockwell stands up to wear, how much relief they get and how much more stylish they are than regular prescription stockings. And all of that available in multiple styles and levels of compression-you can’t beat that!

“These socks are great - they are holding up better than the prescription $75.00 ones I regretfully bought.” -LIsa W.

“They bring such great relief to my swelling ankles.” -Geraldine A.

“I love these stylish socks that come just above my ankle. It has made my plantar fasciitis feel much better. It’s not totally gone but better. I bought three pair and I will be coming back for more. I’m a nurse that do a lot of walking on the shift. I hope all my nursing peers will get a pair.” -Nancy K.

Comfort on the Job with Sockwell Compression Socks

Anytime you work on your feet all shift or sit at work all the time, you’re at risk for problems with blood pooling in your feet and causing circulation problems and pain throughout your body. But the extra squeeze you get from Sockwell compression socks helps you fight that fatigue while you also stay fashionable. With multiple levels of compression, you get to choose how much support you need so you can feel great at work no matter how long your shift drags on. Check out what these customers have to say about it.

“I absolutely love this brand of socks, they keep my legs from aching at the end of a twelve hour shift. I have tried other brands of compression socks but none compare to Sockwell. I tell all my coworkers about them too, they love the colors and patterns. I have big feet and long legs so I do purchase the men's because they go all the way up to my knees. Love them!!! Won't buy anything else.” -Marcie B.

“My husband loves his socks. After a long day in the office delivering care for his patients, he comes home happy and his legs feel good! Best socks for all!” -Lynn P.

“I work long, 12-hr nights in the ER, my legs never feel sore when I wear these, it's like giving my legs hugs for the entire shift :)” -Rochelle A.

“These socks are great for support! I work 12-hour days standing all day! They work better than the knee high compression support hose I used to wear! Thank you for making such a great product.” -Karen B.

“This sock is well made and comfortable. I've had problems with ankle swelling and they keep the swelling down. I work 12-hour shifts in the operating room and they are comfortable to wear all day.” -Jennifer J.

Sockwell Compression Socks Also Mean Comfort on the Go!

Compression socks are also great for travel, especially long flights. The compression helps your body adjust to pressure changes as well as long periods of sitting. And when you reach your destination, you’ll still look more stylish because Sockwell offers so many cute and clever patterns to match your style. See what these travelers think.

“I wore the Sockwells on our trip to Italy. 36 hours later still comfy and supportive!” -Varlan H.

“I used these for a long trip to Asia and never had any problems as I had in the past with lower extremity edema. I now have 3 pairs and really appreciate using them every day, and they're very smart looking.” -Alan M.

“Great feel, nice look. Worked well on a recent 8-hour flight.” -Carol A.

You’ll Always Get Fun Colors and a Super Fit with Sockwell Socks

You might even forget that Sockwell socks are compression socks with the great assortment of colors and patterns you’ll find for men and women! All Sockwell socks come in a variety of colors, and you’ll find that most have six or more color combinations to choose from. And, you’ll also love classic looks like argyle and stripes as well as fun patterns with architectural influences, sporty geometric textures and 3D pattern effects. Plus, no matter what style you call your own, you can always count on Sockwell to provide a perfect fit wash after wash.

“These compression socks have such fun colors. The fit is very good even with one leg quite swollen. And, they are very comfortable as they breathe with the weather conditions.” -Crystal W.

“I wear Sockwell compression socks nearly every day. They are comfortable and the patterns are feminine.” -Mary K.

“I wear a size 12.5 - 13 shoe and am 6'-3". These fit perfectly for my body. Sufficient pressure to help without being too tight or difficult to put on, even with mild arthritis. Very stylish too!” -Phillip K.

“Just what I needed! Work great, stay up, look cute :) I especially like that they are made of wool instead of smelly polyester! 10/10 recommending to friends and coworkers that are on their feet all day!” -Elizabeth B.

“I have tried other brands of compressions socks but these socks are so comfortable, the quality is good and love the designs! So cool! Will definitely recommend it to my friends!” -Mary M.

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