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Sockwell Socks: Men's Essentials Micro Socks

If you’re tired of your socks wearing thin before their time and causing more trouble than they’re worth, you’ve come to the right place for replacements! Sockwell’s durable, strong micro socks will keep your feet comfortable, supported, and dry for the entire day without even showing themselves, thanks to their below-the-ankle profile.

Features of Sockwell Men’s Essentials Micro Socks

Why should you hurry and order your pairs now? Here are some of the benefits of Sockwell Micro Socks:

  • Turn welt tops
  • Flat toe seams
  • Y-heel construction
  • Arch support
  • Spandex construction throughout
  • Various sizes available
  • Light, medium, and non-cushioning sole available
  • Seamless toe closures
  • Undercover style liners available
  • Mesh breather panels available

Sockwell Men’s Micro Socks

Sockwell socks are made of premium materials like spandex, stretch nylon, merino wool, alpaca wool, lambswool, and bamboo rayon. Designed for supreme comfort along with style, these socks will stay in place all day and contour to the curves of your feet like no other socks will.

With our undercover micro socks, you can even wear loafers with no one knowing you’ve got the world’s most comfy socks on! Absorbing wetness keeps you and your feet feeling nice and cool through even the hottest days, so order your Men’s Micro Socks from Sockwell today.