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Stylish Moderate Compression Socks for Women

Never sacrifice style for functionality with Sockwell moderate compression socks! Our fashionable socks are not only unique, but are also trendy, comfortable, and fun! We know how vital the right socks are when it comes to properly caring for your feet, and we invite you to treat your feet to the best compression socks anywhere with Sockwell socks.

What are Moderate Compression Socks?

Our moderate compression socks offer 15-20mmHg of compression; the strength of compression is measured in “millimeters of mercury”, a scientific measurement of blood pressure. Our moderate compression socks feature unique construction with a blend of materials that apply moderate pressure to your legs and feet. This helps blood flow throughout the body and prevents fluid and blood from pooling in the lower extremities. Ultimately, our moderate compression socks will help reduce uncomfortable swelling, even if you sit or stand for long periods of time each day.

Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

Moderate compression is excellent for people who will be sitting for lengthy periods of time – if you find that your ankles and feet are swollen at the end of a long day sitting at a desk, you may want to try them. The same goes if you stand at work all day long. If you travel by air and suffer from swelling, you might find relief from wearing moderate compression socks. Pregnant women with mild swelling may also find relief with a moderate amount of compression.

*Your physician should always be consulted for a recommendation on the level of compression that is right for you.

Why Choose Sockwell Moderate Compression Socks?

If you’re familiar with standard “Ted Hose” and have avoided compression legwear because of the dull, boring look of the hose, it’s time to try Sockwell! Our compression socks are available in a slew of colors, designs, and patterns that will get you excited to put them on each day. Not only that, but you’ll also find that our socks are designed to help your legs and feet avoid swelling during the day, letting you look and feel better and healthy.

Sockwell moderate compression socks are made with cashmerino, spandex, alpaca wool, and bamboo rayon in a blend of fibers specially woven to not only provide compression, but also to provide moisture management in a soft, strong sock. Our Accu-Fit technology ensures that your socks fit you perfectly from the minute you put them on to the time you take them off hours later.

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