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Sockwell Women's Sport Ease Bunion Relief Socks Sockwell Women's Sport Ease Bunion Relief Socks

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Why Nurses and People with Foot Issues Love Sockwell Compression Socks!

Nurses, other health care workers, and many other professionals work long, relentless hours on their feet. That can take a real toll on the tootsies, but many of these people have found the answer to relieving their foot pain from standing all day -- Sockwell Compression Socks! See why nurses and people with foot issues love fighting foot pain without compromising their style with these compression socks.

Nurses Know Best

Nurses are known for taking care of their patients, but how often do they take the time to look after themselves? With Sockwell, it's easy to slip into comfort and style. One nurse customers says,
"These socks are incredible -- one-day wearing will prove it and they last -- I'm tossing all socks and keeping four pairs of Sockwells only!"
Maybe it's because Sockwell socks throw boring out the door. Just look at how great they go with fashion-forward styles like those at WonderWink, Med Couture and Cherokee scrubs. Or it could be the care that Sockwell takes to choose renewable resources and support American shepherds by only using the finest fibers from right here in the USA. But more so, nurses know that Sockwell Compression Socks feel great on your feet and make your whole body feel better.
  • Some of the benefits of wearing compression socks may include:
  • Improvement in blood flow.
  • Reduction of fluid pooling in your legs and feet.
  • Prevention of blood clot formation.
  • Reduction of symptoms of varicose veins, skin ulcers and deep vein thrombosis.

Other Feet Issues

It's not just nurses and professionals who suffer from foot pain and foot problems. Anyone who works on their feet or has other health problems is at risk for foot issues. Swelling, reduced circulation, pain in the heel, toes and ball of the foot and bunions are all common foot problems. That's why Sockwell goes the extra mile and provides the following types of specialty socks:

Bunion Relief

Bunions are those troublesome bumps that form at the base of the big toe. They cause the big toe to lean in toward the others, making it difficult and even painful to walk or stand; but worse, they're often made more painful from trying to accommodate by placing more weight on the outside of your foot. When you stand on your feet for long hours, work out often or play hard, the pressure can worsen the pain.

Bunion Relief
Compression Socks can give you the added comfort you need to deal with bunion pain. With a cushioned toe pocket and anatomical padding that minimizes friction, you might even forget the bunion is there. Check out the Women's Revolution Bunion Relief Socks in five great colors for support all the way up to your knees. Or for a more minimal length, try the colorful Sport Ease Socks with all the comfort packed into a micro length.

Diabetic Friendly

If you or someone you love deals with diabetes, you know how severe foot issues can be. Poor circulation, loss of feeling in your feet, foot ulcers and multiple types of infections are all foot-related complications of diabetes. But wearing compression socks is one way to help keep diabetic feet healthy, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Diabetic Friendly
compression socks feature a relaxed fit that provides compression without the pinch. Because those who suffer from diabetes are less likely to recognize foot symptoms when they occur, the naturally occurring thermoregulation and moisture management in Sockwell Compression Socks help keep your feet dry and the right temperature without any worries. Check out the stylish and colorful options for both men and women, including Men's Kick Back Relaxed Fit Socks and Women's Plush Relaxed Fit Diabetic Friendly Socks.

Metatarsal Relief

Pain in the ball of the foot, known as metatarsalgia, can be caused by inflammation around the area where the toes and ball of the foot meet. Sometimes, the pain is focused where the big toe meets or throughout the middle toes, depending on how your weight is distributed by your feet.

Metatarsal Relief Compression Socks can help relieve metatarsal pain by distributing the weight across the metatarsal pad. The comfort sole and seamless toe closure also give you function without squishing your toes together. Check out the Women's Meta Cushion Metatarsal Relief Socks for moderate compression or the Meta Soothe style for a lighter compression.

Plantar Relief

Of the 26 bones in the foot, the heel bone is the largest, and it takes the brunt of the weight of your walk. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the band of connective tissue running from your heel to the ball of your foot gets inflamed. In addition to people who stand on their feet all day, runners and athletes often suffer from the pain of this condition.

Sockwell Plantar Relief Socks help relieve this pain by providing plantar and ankle support while also assisting with increasing circulation and minimizing swelling. The firm compression in these socks helps keep the blood from pooling to keep your feet on the move, away from pain. Especially ideal for long-distance runners, people who stand or walk all shift and those with high arches or flat feet, you'll love the variety of colors and lengths offered. Take a look at the Plantar Ease Quarter Compression Socks in Men's or Women's to see the selection of great colors available.

With such a variety, who wouldn't love Sockwell Compression Socks? Take it from the nurses, because they know how to deal with pain. Sockwell is your well-chosen choice for comfortable, stylish compression socks.